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It’s Time for the Manosphere to Mend Bridges with the MHRM

If you ask most denizens of the Manosphere, they’ll describe AVfM as nothing more than “Feminism for men” (meanwhile, the MHRM would probably describe the Manosphere as “Nothing but a bunch of guys trying to get laid”). These are both gross mischaracterizations.


New Material Month

Realize that while most of which feminism and socialism advocates is outlandishly stupid, and certainly deserves a response, the truth is their numbers and stupidity are staggering and incomprehensible.  This has resulted in a limitless number of stupid ideas and stupid thoughts flooding the idea marketplace.  And while your visceral reaction may be to shoot each and everyone of them down, I fear all it is doing is driving traffic to otherwise unremarkable and irrelevant feminists.  Additionally, as you know, I believe the situation in America is unsalvagable, so why bother wasting your time rushing from fire to fire to...


Back to the Blog

Well, I’m back after a couple of weeks off.  I didn’t get as much accomplished as I was hoping, but on the other hand, I think I achieved the Next Level of Zen.  I’ve got some stuff planned in the weeks to come. Looks like it was an eventful couple of weeks.  Glad I missed all of that.  I was getting pretty damned tired of all that Game drama, and I may make a point of never writing an apologetic for Game again.  That said, there are a couple of new link aggregators out there for ya: Manosphere.com – you’ve...


Game Versus the Reactosphere

One of my biggest pet-peeves is seeing people argue at cross-purposes, and I think that’s precisely what’s going on with this debate between the Neoreactionaries and the Game bloggers: both sides are arguing against a caricature, due to the fact that – despite using the same terminology – they’re both using the terms with subtly different nuances, thus leading to an apparent disagreement, where no major disagreement actually exists. An example of that confused terminology is the conflation of PUA with Gamer. On the surface they’re very similar.  They both write about picking up women, they both use words like...


2014: The Year We Start Building

Just as RooshV predicted, 2013 was the year we went mainstream.  The ABC 20/20 debacle and TechCrunch‘s article on the Neoreaction are object examples of that, but throughout the media we’ve been seeing terms that originated with us filtering out into the wider culture. Folks, we have arrived: we’ve figured ourselves out, we’ve established our community, and we’ve demonstrated our ability to impact the narrative. “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they attack you – and then you win!” This is the year where they attack; this is the year where we start to build. When I...


A Heart of Gold, in a Pyrite Desert

The Manosphere has done a lot of good work publicizing just how truly awful women can be.  By now, the Blue Pill reality is miles away; the claims that women are all pure, that they deserve to be pedestalized, that divorce is mainly due to abusive men, that girls like nice guys, and that men were ever, as a whole, oppressing women – these have been thoroughly wiped away.  What started off as strangers comparing notes online – “Wait a minute, you’ve been through the same thing?  I thought I was the only one!” – has grown into a well-researched,...


Leadership, Submission, and the Neoreactionary Social Order

The two terms which best describe our Modernist-Liberal age are ‘rebellion’ and ‘inversion’; the most obvious example of this is the breakdown of healthy sexual relationships, thanks to the rejection of traditional values, not just by society, but also by many of the churches; Dalrock and Sunshine Mary explore this thoroughly.  But as important as sex is (not only does it perpetuate the species, it’s also our number one raison d’être, after all) our inversions and rebellions go far deeper than just the advocacy of feminism and promiscuity.  In fact, the foundational mythos of our civilization has become an over-turning...


Is Feminism on the Decline?

W.F. Price and Audacious Epigone recently posted a graph from Google Engrams which seems to suggest a that the prevalence of Feminism in newly printed material has been declining since the nineties.  Many of the commenters noted that while the word Feminism might be declining, that might be due to the fact that so many Feminist tropes have become accepted as part of the mainstream; for instance, let’s consider the words “feminist” and “Women’s Suffrage”: Although Women’s Suffrage and Feminism are connected at the hip ideologically, we see an initial divergence – Women’s Suffrage was almost four times more popular...


The Strategy Guide to Life

Bold and Determined recently celebrated its 3 year anniversary; I decided to send Victor my well-wishes by channelling some of his “No apologetics, no excuses” brand of possitivity in the following article. Forget for the moment about the economy; forget for the moment about the historical cycles.  Remember, instead, that every generation of Men has had its own set of challenges to confront, and its own obstacles to overcome.  This is precisely what Dickens meant in the opening chapter of his novel A Tale of Two Cities: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it...