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Get Down Off Of Your Cross

Catholics seek martyrdom, while Protestants externalize their guilt onto others; this is a thread that runs through our politics and culture, and it’s theologically insane. Misdirected guilt is at the core of our civilizational insanity.

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An Analysis of The Feminine Mystique, Chapter 2

Read my review of Chapter 1 here; the ongoing discussion is at Sunshine Mary’s site. Right off the bat, Friedan inundates us with more stories of women who are all “Relieved to find out I wasn’t the only one!” This is followed up by examples of “impossible ideals” being sold to women in advertising. “I’m living the same life as the TV people – why aren’t I haaaaappppyyyy?” On the surface this seems very similar to the Genesis of the Manosphere, with one major difference: the Manosphere developed because we were lied to; Friedan’s “Problem with no name” is a...

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The Empowered Female Parasite

That’s what I hear whenever a woman brags about being empowered and independent; it’s the first sign that she’s weak, dependent, and parasitical off of civilization. The single mothers have been written about extensively in the Manosphere.  With 50% of marriages ending in divorce, and 70-90% of divorces being female-driven YOLO frivorces, we don’t need a Harvard-funded study to prove that plenty of women treat men like walking wallets, and expect society to hold the bag when they birth a bastard with Harley McBadboy.  In fact, it seems we’ve been so successful in this regard that most “moderate” Feminists have...

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Beta Males Create Hypergamy

You manifest your own reality. I know what you’re thinking: nothing but the words of a self-help guru, some manipulative Eastern Mystic, selling bulk-bin books to the Housefrau at Walmart.  Quite frankly, I’m not a huge fan of that positive-thinking garbage, myself; I far prefer suffering.  As Jordan Petersen said in the video I linked yesterday, suffering is how you know you’re alive. Happiness?  Happiness is the heroin drip, the video game addiction, the desire for Thanatos and self-elimination.  Happiness is Utopia, and Utopia’s nothing but the process of killing off everybody, one by one, until you’re the last man...

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A Heart of Gold, in a Pyrite Desert

The Manosphere has done a lot of good work publicizing just how truly awful women can be.  By now, the Blue Pill reality is miles away; the claims that women are all pure, that they deserve to be pedestalized, that divorce is mainly due to abusive men, that girls like nice guys, and that men were ever, as a whole, oppressing women – these have been thoroughly wiped away.  What started off as strangers comparing notes online – “Wait a minute, you’ve been through the same thing?  I thought I was the only one!” – has grown into a well-researched,...

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Leadership and Dominance

It seems that, lately, whenever I try and write about relationship dynamics and power structures, I keep going back to romantic involvements – even though what I’m trying to address are principles which are fundamental to human behaviour in general, not just our sexual natures. A product of our times, I suppose: romantic relationships are one of the few areas where freedom is still allowed.  The War of the Sexes doesn’t have any sort of Geneva Convention, just nuclear armaments on the side of the women.  Contrast to the rest of the social world – school, work, socializing – where...

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Living With Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes: what a beautiful way of putting it.  I stole the term from that unrepentant Truth Teller Wimminz because it perfectly sums up one of the harshest moral lessons you can learn, a lesson so harsh that most people mistake it for immorality: the Scorched Earth strategy. This desperate but effectual method of defence can only be executed by the enthusiasm of a people who prefer their independence to their property; or by the rigor of an arbitrary government, which consults the public safety without submitting to their inclinations the liberty of choice.” ~Edward Gibbon, The Decline and Fall...

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Women Can Age Beautifully (Solomon II’s Lost Blog)

Lovingly archived by the men at Return of Kings: Women can age beautifully, you know. Uh oh. That sermon we expected earlier was about to be delivered. Let me tell you boys something. I don’t take back anything I said about you guys running around with these little girls, since that’s evidently all that’s available these days. But there’s no reason for you to disrespect my wife. Sorry, we didn’t mean to be disrespectful to… Shut up. Both of you. Yes sir. Listen to me. A good woman ages beautifully. When I look at my wife, I see the most...

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Leadership, Submission, and the Neoreactionary Social Order

The two terms which best describe our Modernist-Liberal age are ‘rebellion’ and ‘inversion'; the most obvious example of this is the breakdown of healthy sexual relationships, thanks to the rejection of traditional values, not just by society, but also by many of the churches; Dalrock and Sunshine Mary explore this thoroughly.  But as important as sex is (not only does it perpetuate the species, it’s also our number one raison d’être, after all) our inversions and rebellions go far deeper than just the advocacy of feminism and promiscuity.  In fact, the foundational mythos of our civilization has become an over-turning...