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Feminists Are Like a Broken Clock… 3

Feminists Are Like a Broken Clock…

…because even a broken clock is right twice a day. Alt Title: This is What a Feminist Looks Like A few days ago Heartiste posted a video of Harridan by the name of Katie Makkai doing a piece of… “Slam Poetry” (no, I don’t know what that is.  Go ask Matt Forney; he has a different type of Worthless Degree than I do). In it she attacks modernity’s obsession with ‘prettiness’.  Watch at your own risk; her voice is like a rusty nail on the ear drum: Heartiste’s response was to ridicule her – and rightly so.  Feminism is obsessed...

Three Paths to Nowhere 5

Three Paths to Nowhere

After writing my last post I was trying to explain it to a co-worker – explain how there are basically three life choices us Men have today, and how none of them will pan out in the long term.  I realized that this was a post in itself, delineating these three choices and why they all suck… only to check my RSS feed and see that somebody beat me to it. The options we have: 1) The Blue Pill: Play along with the system. 2) MRM: Fight the current legal system for equal rights from within the system. 3) Game/MGTOW:...

Happy Birthday To Me 0

Happy Birthday To Me

Well, I turned 30 this weekend, and you know what that means: I’m officially part of the Patriarchy.  I have become The Man whom hippies and feminists rail against, and as such I no longer have to cite sources. Celebrations included rifles, cigarettes, whiskey, and habanerro-heavy chili, culminating in physical recreation with a Dissolute Asian Girl.  What more could a man ask for? I’ll be back next time with some more Reactionary Rantings.