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The Logic of the Algorithm: the Existential Threat of Artificial Intelligence

Understanding this threat requires that one comprehend the differing natures between man and machine, a difference far more profound than the distinction between “wetware” and “hardware”. The reasoning processes are utterly dissimilar and incompatible; the former must dominate the latter, otherwise disaster will ensue. A man who is controlled by his machine is no man at all.


American Kiss by Dr Danny de Gracia

“…the classic icon of the 20th century was the American kiss. Look at the scenes from the end of the Second World War. Men and women had fire, moral passion, unbridled love for life and love for one another. It showed in the way they kissed each other.”

Announcing my first novel, As I Walk These Broken Roads 3

Announcing my first novel, As I Walk These Broken Roads

Yeah, that’s it over there on the sidebar. -> As I Walk These Broken Roads is a post-apocalyptic science fiction novel about a soldier and a mechanic teaming up to try and survive in a degenerated world; a world that’s stopped moving forward, a world where the old tech is allowed to rust away over the years. It explores the ideas of brotherhood, social evolution, epistemology, and the nature of violence. This book was my first foray into fictional writing, started some six-or-seven years ago.  It saw its genesis on the Tucker Max Message Board, where I had my ass...

Science Fiction and Fantasy: They Don’t Mix Well 5

Science Fiction and Fantasy: They Don’t Mix Well

A recent Freelance project got me thinking on this topic.  And since it’s the holiday season, let’s talk about something non-awful for a change. I’ve been a scion of Science Fiction since childhood, and during moments where I’m feeling particularly iniquitous I’m apt to say it’s the only genre left where there’s room to create Art; Clint Eastwood tapped the last of the Western stories waiting to be told, and I think Shakespeare pretty much covered everything else. But that’s just my own prejudice, and it’s not what I’m going to write about today.  Instead I want to talk about...