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The Logic of the Algorithm: the Existential Threat of Artificial Intelligence

Understanding this threat requires that one comprehend the differing natures between man and machine, a difference far more profound than the distinction between “wetware” and “hardware”. The reasoning processes are utterly dissimilar and incompatible; the former must dominate the latter, otherwise disaster will ensue. A man who is controlled by his machine is no man at all.


Hard Limits and Electric Cars

Heroism and tragedy, death and vanity – they’re two sides of the same coin. In this world, we are often at our greatest when we are at our most foolish.


An Epidemic of Low Testosterone

EDIT November, 2014: at the present time, AndroPlus seems to have gone offline, and they’re not responding to emails.  I’ve been in touch with colleagues such as Matt Forney, and we’re a bit worried about what’s happened to the company we gave our voices to.  Early on there had been minor issues which I attributed merely to the disorganization of any new business, but the present state of affairs is far more worrying. The post below remains unaltered (I believe it contains a lot of valuable information outside of the product recommendation), but as things stand I would have to...

The Drake Equation & Fermi’s Paradox 0

The Drake Equation & Fermi’s Paradox

The team over at Extra Credits – normally a series about video game design and narrative construction – decided to go in a different route, and examine the question of whether alien life exists through the prism of “Should we be funding X-Com?” If you haven’t made a habit out of reading 10,000 word treatises on the subject, you should find it quite interesting – and even if you have, you might pick up a thing or two from it. ͼ-Ѻ-ͽ And now your moment of Zen: Pickup your own Glorious Hat today! ͼ-Ѻ-ͽ My novel My Twitter

The Difference Between Science and Religion 2

The Difference Between Science and Religion

SFDebri’s excellent takedown of Janeway. An Intuitive Guide to Bayes Theorem. Mathematical Proof that the Supernatural Exists:.

The Intellectual Paucity of Historians 3

The Intellectual Paucity of Historians

The other day – Good God, has it been three weeks already? – I wrote what was probably the worst post I’ve ever tossed up on this blog.  It was utter speculative nonsense, with no solid bases in Historical Fact, I made no real attempt to cite anything in it, and despite it’s High Probability of Truth it’s nothing to be proud of. But you see, I had an ulterior motive in posting it; I am now going to use it as a vehicle to point out the intellectual paucity of most Historians. *** Back in the day, I made...

Science! 0


Folks, I know I haven’t posted in a while, and I feel bad for it; I have a couple in the chute, and another planned for In Mala Fide.  I’m in the midst of trying to establish a functional work/life balance.  Regular posting on here, a re-commitment to finishing the second novel, alongside my 9-5 Contributions to the Economy. Plus one other project – my YouTube Channel.  That one, I’ve got going regular. Don’t know if this interests any of you folk – it’ll be just as all-over-the-place as this here blog, but a bit less vitriolic.  Long-form videos, probably...