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Reflections on Clausewitz’s “On War”; Chapter 1

I’ve recently decided to undertake an in-depth study of Carl Von Clausewitz’s book On War; one of Western Civilization’s greatest works of strategy. I find that the best way to aid my study has always been to write down notes as I read; those notes are what follows. Hopefully you find them a useful summary; if you wish to read along with me, I’d appreciate hearing your own thoughts in the comments section.

The Right Wins Every Battle, But Loses the War

Whenever the left wins a battle, they win a victory. Whenever the right wins a battle, the left walks away with a victory. The Catch-22 of fighting the left is that the left always wins, drifting in Cthulu’s wake. Why is it that we keep winning every battle but losing the war?

It’s Time for the Manosphere to Mend Bridges with the MHRM

If you ask most denizens of the Manosphere, they’ll describe AVfM as nothing more than “Feminism for men” (meanwhile, the MHRM would probably describe the Manosphere as “Nothing but a bunch of guys trying to get laid”). These are both gross mischaracterizations.

Living With Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes: what a beautiful way of putting it.  I stole the term from that unrepentant Truth Teller Wimminz because it perfectly sums up one of the harshest moral lessons you can learn, a lesson so harsh that most people mistake it for immorality: the Scorched Earth strategy. This desperate but effectual method of defence can only be executed by the enthusiasm of a people who prefer their independence to their property; or by the rigor of an arbitrary government, which consults the public safety without submitting to their inclinations the liberty of choice.” ~Edward Gibbon, The Decline and Fall...