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How to Start a Local Labor Union

While Unions have earned themselves a poor reputation in recent decades, the core concept of collective bargaining is not itself invalid; organized properly, Labor Unions could help revitalize the American Middle Class.

What an Utter Disgrace 3

What an Utter Disgrace

From CNBC: Hoffa, whose father, Jimmy Hoffa Sr., was one of the nation’s most famous labor leaders and disappeared in 1975 in Michigan, denounced Republican leaders in a speech to the protesters. “Let me tell the governor and all those elected officials who vote for this shameful, divisive bill — there will be repercussions,” Hoffa said. “Some day soon, they will face the voters of Michigan and they will have to explain why they sided with the billionaires to back this destructive legislation.” … About 12,000 people converged on the Capitol to protest Tuesday’s vote. Michigan State Police Inspector Gene...