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Being a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing 9

Being a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

The Slaying of Saint Skittles fiasco is heating up again, with a bevy of new reports coming out as the Zimmerman trial goes underway.  As a response, Sturges over at Apocalypse Cometh has taken it upon himself to write a series of posts about the legal ins-and-outs of self defense. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and more to come. He speaks as a man with experience in such matters, and given the vast quantities of Red Blood present in my readership, you’d all be doing yourselves a disservice if you didn’t read his thoughts on the matter. As for...

Bullying; the Spirit of our Time 4

Bullying; the Spirit of our Time

I don’t know why bullying’s been in the media for the past few months; if it were because of a specific suicide, or a rash of suicides, I’m sure I would of heard of it. Instead the conversation has lacked context, as if it had sprung up ex-nihilo into the minds of journalists and AM radio hosts alike. There’s no recently-marketed study they all reference, and there’s no particular politician they grill.  It really does seem to be a Grass Roots sorta thing. Which I take as Proof Positive that it was Astro Turfed. I know that if I look...