Slamming the Overton Window Shut

Tila Tequila and two Jewish men throwing up the "Roman" salute.

Tila Tequila and two allegedly Jewish men throwing up the “Roman” salute.

Last night I recorded a livestream about the NPI conference from last weekend; specifically, the Nazi Salute image that’s been circulating throughout the media.  The Bechtloff and RooshV were good enough to join me for the second half.

My thoughts on the matter are captured by the title.  The recent election has seen a major shift in the Overton Window.  Topics which have been relegated to the alt media for years – feminism, victim hierarchies, cultural Marxism – have found there way into mainstream discourse.  The establishment media has tried their best to silence this deviation from their narrative by labelling us as racists, rapists, and puppy eaters, but all of it has backfired on them.  The general public hears about a “Pro-Rape Group”, goes to check out the websites, and instead of the monsters they’re expecting, they find intelligent geniality.  I wrote my Introduction to the Alt Right article specifically for this purpose, so that their propaganda would backfire on them.

That was the case.  The general public came to gawk at the Nazis, and found decent and civilized human beings instead.  Now they find a bunch of fools throwing up Hitler salutes.  This is a great way of slamming the Overton Window shut.

What exactly are we doing here?

Are we trying to fix a society that’s headed into the nihilistic abyss of suicide and war?  A society that pushes mental illness and sexual perversion, while being run by a cabal of pedophiles?  Or are we just a bunch of nihilists ourselves, doing whatever we can to attention whore by behaving in a manner that makes daddy angry?  Cosplaying as a Nazi has nothing to do with advancing political discourse; it has nothing to do with saving the White race, regardless of what the cosplayers claim.  It serves no purpose aside from drawing attention to oneself, and it’s just as nihilistic as the radical left which it purports to be fighting.

I’ve got no interest in being associated with narcissists who think that politics is some sort of game.  Donald Trump doesn’t, either, and shouting “Heil Trump!” does a disservice to a man who is working hard to get America back on track.  I’m disappointed that so many people choose egoism over service, but I can’t say I’m surprised.  After all, this is precisely the hopelessness that we’ve been fighting against for so long.

You can listen to the entire stream below:



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Davis M.J. Aurini

Trained as a Historian at McMaster University, and as an Infantry soldier in the Canadian Forces, I'm a Scholar, Author, Film Maker, and a God fearing Catholic, who loves women for their illogical nature.

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11 Responses

  1. anon says:

    Daily Stormer had a video of the two guys with glasses (the same two guys in the now infamous Sieg Heil picture) outside of NPI smoking on the sidewalk with another guy, telling someone they are Jews and they came to NPI to investigate, however the video has been removed since the DS article was posted.

  2. Michael Spitler says:

    I watched the whole youtube video of Spencer’s speech at NPI. I do believe that CNN tried to paint Spencer as questioning whether or not Jews were people, by taking a quote out of context that was actually referring to all the mainstream political hacks and cucks. They pretty much made up a false story out of whole cloth. So I have a hard time getting too worked up about some stupid “Hail Trump” gesture. If Spencer had not done this and those few idiots in the audience had not given roman salutes, I fully believe they would have made up something else to be outraged about.

    That said, I would not have done the whole “Hail Trump, Hail Victory” thing. When our enemies call us Nazis and we don’t act like that, the cognitive dissonance that ensues works in our favor, at least for normies. We get more value out of freeing the normies of the mainstream brainwashing than shocking them with dank memes.

  3. Paul M says:

    The saluters forget that National Socialism was socialism.

  4. guest says:

    The much more troubling video for me is officer Carl owning Spencer here: Roland Martin Debate Vs. White Nationalist Richard Spencer

    How does he not have polished zingers loaded for those questions?

    That performance gets an epic failing grade from me.

  5. The ultimate douche says:

    Since when is Tila Tequila part of the alt right? I thought she was attention whoring like milo

  6. Mono says:

    Great post! Have you seen that new film Arrival? Any thoughts?

  7. If our Western civilization is, as you say, “headed into the nihilistic abyss of suicide and war,” why not just let it go? Sometimes that long slide into the cultural inferno cannot be stopped no matter what. Even when American citizens do something demonstrably positive like electing Trump, that descent into the pit is not even slacked or slowed. You can’t call the decline “nihilism” if it is truly inevitable.

  8. Afterthought says:

    This is your second great contribution that I have seen, the other being Pepe and Kek as devilry.

    And isn’t that what TRS and Daily Stormer are? Straight up devilry?

    Always “joking” about gassing people, burning people, hanging people, shooting people, dropping people out of helicopters? “Joking” about black (meme) magic, and worshiping demons? And now “joking” about Hitler?

    Who is Richard Spencer? Who pays his bills? Who holds his leash?

    We had a vital movement with Ordered Liberty + White Self Preservation (Ron Paul + Bob Whitaker’s Mantra Against White Genocide). Now it is off the rails. Gladly, the demon worshipers did us a favor by committing seppuku so we can get back to the winning formula.

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