The Fight for Civilization Requires Heroic Men

Ah you loved me as a loser, but now you’re worried that I just might win
You know the way to stop me, but you don’t have the discipline
How many nights I prayed for this, to let my work begin
First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin
~Leonard Cohen, First We Take Manhattan

It was roughly two weeks ago that the Trump mystique imploded.  His bombing of Syria went against his campaign promises, his  Attorney General Jeff Sessions seems more interested in marijuana than the Antifa terrorists roaming the streets, and it looks like the Great Wall of Trump will be postponed indefinitely.

Good.  It’s about time we got over our hero worship, and started attending to the work at hand.  Walls have been used to keep people in as often as they’ve been used to keep people out, and most of the issues that America faces aren’t a matter of new legislation, but simply enforcing the laws that are already on the books.  The problem isn’t the government, it’s the citizens.  As I explained in my original lament on Trump’s failures:

The problem is that we are not a sane people. We worship a cartoon frog. We try and lose ourselves in mass movements. We’re torn between hating the Jew for selling us pornography, and hating the person who says to stop watching it. We want to cosplay at self-righteousness, without ever doing the hard work of becoming righteous men; we want to be Templars without ever going to church, and in our heart of hearts we’re no different than the Social Justice Warriors we claim to oppose.

Trump’s shortcomings are forcing us to deal with the reality on the ground once more, and yet we’re spared the enormities that would have occurred under a Hillary presidency.  During the repeated clashes at Berkeley, the local police have utterly failed to do their job of protecting citizens against violence – but under Hillary our guys would have been looking at prison time for their acts of self defence.  And no matter how disappointing Trump’s international decisions are, it’s safe to say that Hillary would have been suicidally belligerent.

No, this isn’t the Presidency we were hoping for – it’s not even the Presidency that we were promised – but it is without a doubt the lesser of two evils.  There wasn’t a single righteous choice to be had, and of all of the contenders Trump is still the best apple out of a rotten barrel.

As far as our individual concerns go, the political situation has been handled – or mishandled, if you insist – and we can all return our focus to those things which we are capable of influencing in some meaningful way.

In his recent post, The American Cold Civil War, RooshV discusses the situation we find ourselves in.  The Left has been doubling-down for so long that at this point they’re utterly beyond reason; terrorism has become their modus operandi.  Things are coming to a head whether we like it or not, and the decisions we make as individuals will determine how this crisis point proceeds.  He identifies four possibilities, in order of worst to best:

  • Globalist/Leftist resurgence
  • Hot War, Left wins
  • Hot War, Right wins
  • The Long Divorce

The globalist left has so damaged the country from the decades they’ve been in power that there is no quick fix, and those of us who are alive today will likely not see a resolution that can be argued as “complete victory” during our lifetimes. I understand the frustration that many on the right have, and the desire they have to be immediately cured of poisons that the left has unleashed, but we must carefully analyze any outcome that results in the deaths of our loved ones and even ourselves. There is a time and place to die for what you believe in, but I hope I have convinced you that we have not yet reached that critical moment and that we can avoid the downsides of a hot civil war and the globalist boot by taking on the option of the long divorce to still win in the end.

The current struggle against Antifa is not only heroic, but also extremely useful.  It has cemented the Alt Right as the New Right.  It serves as a demonstration of just how vile the Left truly is.  It is a source of camaraderie for all who attend, healing the rifts of political in-fighting which have characterized the past few months.  And it undermines the Globalist-dominated legal system, the anarcho-tyranny which allows criminals to run wild, while refusing to defend the law-abiding.  Good cops are rejoicing, while the leftist scum who have infiltrated the top ranks are shaking in fear.  But it needs to be more than just an anti-Left resistance movement.

Donald Trump’s failure is our opportunity or success.  Rather than a populist movement swayed by a different flavour of bread and circuses, we have the opportunity to establish a civil society amongst right-thinking men once more.

For long-term success, our movement can’t begin and end with resisting Antifa; with calling out converged Police Departments like the Berkeley PD, who refuse to do their job.  It has to be more than just attacking individual politicians, whether or not they’re acting like Neocons.  It needs to be aimed at long-term, generational change, and we need to institute a shift in our own attitudes.  It’s not enough to revert to the Libertarian position of “Freedom for everybody – just don’t judge me on my failings!” When we permit ourselves to fall short of the civilized standard, when we make excuses and demand that society embrace our preternatural predilections, we do nothing but provide an infection vector for the Leftist virus.  Overemphasis on the right to Freedom of Speech, without the accompanying responsibility to say something useful and good, is what allowed pornographers to slash all standards, and create a generation of addicts – addicts who then go on to vote for Leftist “safe spaces” so that their perversions won’t be shamed.  The same goes on in many other areas, whether it be Big Business hiring foreigners, Big Agro pushing soy, College being treated as a right, or vices being handed over to the atomized individual.

The Libertarians argue for freedom and responsibility, the Left endorses the freedom minus the responsibility, and the resulting fallout creates a new generation of Leftists.  The tools of freedom are turned against us.

To win the long-war requires that we embrace radical responsibility as individuals, rather than falling sway to Libertarian Populism.  The moment attacking Antifa becomes a cause in itself, rather than an act in pursuit of civilized society, we have lost.  The moment anti-feminism becomes about casual sex and cheap ego gratification, rather than the pursuit of healthy relations between the sexes, we have lost.  The moment our advocacy of Capitalism becomes about privatizing the profits while socializing the costs, we have done nothing but guarantee a future generation of broken, Left-wing voters.  We’ll have been the ones who broke their legs when the Left comes to sell them crutches.

Civilization is something that must permeate all the ranks of society.  From the King who understands his commitment to God, to the privileged elites who protect and serve their peoples, to the common man who acts with honour and duty, even all the way down to the criminal who repents and makes a good death – civilization is something which requires all of us.  An unrighteous people cannot be ruled righteously, so if we want a better tomorrow for our children it’s about time we started working on it – today!



ED: I initially accused the SFPD of failing to do their job, when it is the Berekely PD who are failing in their duty. This has since been corrected.

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Davis M.J. Aurini

Trained as a Historian at McMaster University, and as an Infantry soldier in the Canadian Forces, I'm a Scholar, Author, Film Maker, and a God fearing Catholic, who loves women for their illogical nature.

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3 Responses

  1. M.W. Peak says:

    There is this ongoing temptation to burn the structures to the ground instead of doing the hard but noble work of reclamation and redemption. For example, Marriage has been savaged by secular courts, unstable and immoral individuals, and feminist activism. One response has been to burn Marriage to ground and live for sexual conquest. That, however, is both an immoral choice and a choice driven by despair.

  2. Karen says:

    I think you meant to say that during the repeated clashes in Berkeley, the Berkeley PD, not the SFPD, failed to do its job.

    Ed: Thanks for the correction. :)

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