Will the Millennials Restore the West?

Despite the cloudy horizon of global conflict, a gutted manufacturing industry, unfunded liabilities on the federal and municipal level, and a politically agitated populace, there seems to be a silver lining on the storm clouds – more than a silver lining, in fact, what we’re seeing is a golden glow that suggests that the noonday sun is nigh.

Wall Street has been persistently bullish in recent months, despite the media’s ongoing dourness over their candidate’s electoral face plant.  Despite the many roadblocks and hurtles that the Deep State is throwing in his way, and regardless of what you think of his personal character, President Donald Trump has been passing legislation to reinvigorate the American economy, and people are getting back to work.  It would seem that he does understand business, after all.

But the most optimistic piece of news is what’s happening with the Millennials.  Zero Hedge, quoting Bloomberg, reports that Millennial savings rates are climbing for the first time in a decade:

Indeed, after almost a decade, Americans may finally be turning the corner on saving money. More than 30 percent of them say they have enough tucked away to cover six months’ worth of expenses—a seven-year high for this measure of financial calamity preparedness,

Despite a noisy contingent of socialist freaks – and regardless of character snipes against them for enjoying avocados – the Millennials are engaged in the process of rebuilding and revitalizing their countries throughout the West.  And how are they doing it?

They’re creating wealth.

The Baby Boomers were awash in wealth from their earliest days; they proceeded to use up their inheritance on selfish pursuits, acting as if money grew on trees, and cheap credit was just a fact of life.  Generation X, who followed in their wake, were told to emulate their elders; so of course we did, because there was nobody telling us any different.  But each step of the way we noticed that the easy opportunity of which the Boomers spoke was always just out of grasp. “Get any degree” didn’t work out the way they promised – “Work hard and get promoted” never seemed to pan out.  With each year, we watched the tide of easy living go back to the sea, and soon became known for a general cynicism.

“You’re just not working hard enough, you need to improve your attitude!” said the Boomer, as they spent our inheritance on Horse Farms and Sports Bars.

But we started comparing notes – thank God for the Internet – and the statistics bore it out: we weren’t exceptionally bad, the so-called land of opportunity was!

So we started writing blogs, and books, and speaking frankly about the evils of this second-rate world that was left to us – and it looks like the Millennials picked up on what we were dishing out.

Their generation has been left with a cultural wasteland.  Us Gen Xers knew we were headed to Hell, but at least we got to enjoy some Paradise at the beginning.  But the Millennials aren’t bitching – not most of them, anyway.  They’re rolling up their sleeves, and digging in to the work that needs to be done.  They’re learning trades, coding for long hours, living below their means, and – yes – even slinging coffee at Starbucks to pay the bills.

They are rebuilding the wealth that was squandered.

Yes, even the Barista; putting whipped cream on coffee might not be generating wealth in and of itself, but they’re spending money on rent, on maintaining their vehicles, they’re contributing to public infrastructure through their taxes, and saving up as many dollars as they can.

This is how we rebuild our civilization: not through cheap credit, white-collar jobs, endless charity and pontification, or empty consumerist spending, but through hard work, savings, living below your means (even if it means living with your parents), and taking responsibility for oneself.

According to Strauss & Howe’s generational theory, the Millennials are a Hero generation; a generation that gets down to business and does what needs to be done.  The economic statistics back this up.  Despite the laziness and irresponsibility of your typical Antifa, the majority of young people have their act together, far better than should be expected, and are working to get society back on course.  There are still a number of challenges to be overcome, but don’t let the depression-porn of the Chattering Classes make you despondent.  Work is getting done, and wealth is being restored.

There is reason for us to be hopeful.



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Davis M.J. Aurini

Trained as a Historian at McMaster University, and as an Infantry soldier in the Canadian Forces, I'm a Scholar, Author, Film Maker, and a God fearing Catholic, who loves women for their illogical nature.

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10 Responses

  1. Doktor Jeep says:

    Millennials have it easier than GenX.


    Because GenX still had the carrot and the stick. NAWALTs did exist back in the 1980s (it would only take steady doses of Oprah and Sally Jesse Raphael in the 1990s to “fix” that as many a hapless man came home from work to hear the words “we need to talk”).
    The “dream” existed in the 1980s. “Work hard” they said, “You will get what you DESERVE” they said (and “deserve” is the word boomers used because that’s how they think). “Go to college and you will always have work” they said.
    Then the boomers went on to take the bucket of milk that was America, remove the cream from the top, and then flip the rest.

    It was GenX that had their careers outsourced and H1B’ed from under them. What happened to going to college? What of all that unpaid overtime being a “team player” and having “the right attitude”?
    Many men in GenX watched in horror as their fellows got dragged through divorce court. But the system would ensure they would take too long to learn exactly why. “Sure what happened to Bob was not good, but my relationship is better than that. It’s different”. Many would never marry, because men are the ones actually capable of adapting with cold logic to a bad situation.

    So, 30 years of this. From “The Future’s so bright I gotta wear shades” to… this.

    The millennials have it easy. Why? Because the carrot is gone. They are being beaten with the stick. Millennial girls no longer at least wait until they are married before putting on 60 extra pounds and instead cover their fat legs with tattoos. So there is no getting snookered into a doomed from the start marriage. Millennials KNOW there is no “give me a job” or “do this and that and get automatically that and this”. Many of them will have to become self-employed and market themselves instead of being office drones.
    Frugality reigns. How many boomers have we seen with their homes filled with endless crap they don’t need and bought on credit? Millennials are minimalists and minimalism is one of those things that improves life. The millennials had no cash to buy crap they didn’t need and now they have almost the same levels of frugality as depression era grandparents.

    Still the boomers are in power. They might have a few more tricks up their sleeve before the reaper comes for them, and no matter what they do, no matter how self-important they think they are, it will come. That a good lot of them spent their lives eating like a kid at a birthday party and then bragging about their 20 dollar copay while buying RVs and Harleys may yet save us from boomernomics.

    It’s now only up to GenX to curb their cynical views and give individual youngsters a chance, and for the millennials themselves stop all complaining – about EVERYTHING. Because if they could only realize the power they have, which is the power that death (indirectly, the wages of sin) will hand them over the reigns of the world, they will realize that complaint only slows them down.

    As a GenXer born in 1970, my only objective in this battle is to help Millennials and GenZ burn the boomers in the fires of comeuppance. And as such, it will be my only revenge.

    They have my sword.

  2. Temmy says:

    The millennial will not save the west. There will be 3 generations of tyranny, violence and chaos. Then comes the revival. We are on generation one.

  3. What happened to the future? says:

    Gen X gets hit the hardest. Gen X should speak out more. Good comment by DJ above.

    Millennials a Hero generation? That’s what the Generations authors say but I don’t see with housing and immigration how anything like 50s America will come back. The re-set, if there is one, will be relative to now only … which makes it close to meaningless.

  4. Ilo Stabet says:

    I hope this increasing economic frugality of my generation signals a larger change, that is in my view the most important, of morality. I am not so sure if this saving isn’t completely directed towards selfish goals, just longer term selfishness (instead of shortsightedness). So it might not mean that the Millennials are better, but simply smarter while pursuing their hedonistic or amoral objectives. How many of them will have families? How many of those will stay intact? How many will be ‘alternative’? etc etc

    It is still a good sign, but remains to be seen if it is enough to put society on the right track.

  5. “It was GenX that had their careers outsourced and H1B’ed from under them. What happened to going to college? What of all that unpaid overtime being a “team player” and having “the right attitude”?”

    I can’t help thinking of The Spoony One; getting a degree in programming, only to have the bottom fall out beneath him as soon as he graduates due to Indian programmers.

    He needs to get over his depression, but I can understand it.

  6. Michael says:

    I had boomer relatives visit recently and one of the places they wanted to go was the casino for a day. They didn’t stay long but I’ve never been one for gambling with the slot machines so I just passed the time by walking around and looking at all the people. Almost without exception, all I saw were old people and degenerate minorities. I would see some get small rewards and get a brief feeling of excitement, but quick introspection made me realize it was the excitement of getting a reward without effort or accomplishment. You just put money in, push a button and hope you get lucky.

    For some reason that just doesn’t appeal to me. And I wonder if that’s the case with most millenials too. If you have investments in casinos and other gambling establishments, you might want to sell off now. I doubt millenials are going to just start picking up the habits of their useless elders.

  7. Shut up Gen X says:

    Poor little Gen Xers are whining ‘poor me’ while they have spent their whole lives helping boomers in the destroying the west. Spare us your self pity.

  8. Aurelio says:

    Theoretical pieces like this give you hope until you step out in the real world and see that Millenial snowflakes are emasculated untermenschen enslaved to consumerism and liberal dogmas.

  9. Richard says:

    Hell yeah! 50% on my way to 6 months salary of F.Y. money which I will maintain until the day I die and I put away 20% every month to invest (cryptocurrency and ISA). I plan to maintain these habits always.

    I increased from 10% monthly savings to 20% after listening to advice from Adam Piggots podcast in fact.

    Love this corner of the web: Cernovich (back when he was doing self-improvment), Aurini, Clarey, Bold and Determined. Thank God for the internet for lighting a fire under my ass and showing me what is possible.

    I’d be a zombie without these resources. Stay high energy guys!

  10. Richard says:

    To Aurelio.

    I lift. Maybe they’ll get their act together when they see more people like me kicking ass and taking names. To explain my enthusiasm… I’m half cut on wine I made myself. Gotta watch those pennies!